Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Contemplations on Savannah, GA

On top of meeting all the people and the wonderful welcome extended by the DLA2011 I felt a sense of belonging I was not expecting. OK, I'm corny, but think about the movie "Muppets from Space." There's a scene near the end when one of the characters experiences a reunion with "his people", people he didn't know before, and didn't know existed. I was reminded of that scene today at the closing luncheon of the Distance Learning Administrator's Annual conference in beautiful Savannah, Georgia.

Of course it was terrifically affirming to learn that the keynote speaker is an ION fan and included ION materials in his DLA toolbox handout. It was also great fun to run across friends of ION now serving Colorado Technical University and the University of Alaska at Fairbanks. Then there are all the people from around the south and around the world I met and had a chance to share ION with.

To top it all off, I treated myself to a Segway tour of historic Savannah and thoroughly enjoyed that. I'm hooked! Met a couple who Segway tour everywhere they go if it's available. Talk about a memorable trip....oh, I guess I am. ...till the next time.

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